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Buying a used boat
I was excited for my friend who called to report that the 1973 Seacraft was his. The ...
boat buying
Tips for buying a boat
There was a time when I thought I picked out the perfect boat. It was a flat-bottomed ...
sailboat floating in Caribbean by island
Sailing the Caribbean for a year
In 2015, my husband and I purchased a sailboat in the Virgin Islands sight unseen, quit ...
sailing the Caribbean
The realities of seeing our boat for the first time
After two years of planning and saving, we finally pulled the trigger. We bought a boat, ...
sailing into the sunset
How do you know if sailing into the sunset is for you?
The dream of climbing aboard a sailboat, leaving your problems at bay and sailing into the ...
fall boating
Fall boating: Get in your last licks
Every time I turn into the harbor parking lot I crane my neck for a view of the American ...
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6 tips for boating with dogs
Dogs go everywhere with us and, during the warm weather, this includes boating. You see ...
planning a sailing trip
Start planning your next boating adventure
Five things to know before you set sail. Five years ago my best friend and I, both 23 at ...
Store your watercraft, not your coverage
A forklift operator, a family of mice and few hundred wasps walk into a watercraft storage ...