boating checklist
How to be a great boat guest
The only thing better than sunshine, good music, and hanging out with your friends is ...
Boating day trip kit
What to pack for a fun, safe day on the water Spending a bright, sunny day sailing the ...
boat on the water
What causes boaters to curse like a sailor
As the temperatures heat up so does boating season. And whether you like to cruise around ...
Boat ramp rules: Don’t be that guy
On Saturday nights in the summer you’ll find my wife Angela and I at the harbor near ...
Boat protection for hurricane season
Nothing quite compares to the feel of the cool spray hitting your face and arms on a hot ...
Just what is a boating license, anyway?
As an industry, boating hasn’t been as regulated as many others, such as the ...
boat safety
Boat safety
I’ve always found it odd that adults who buy boats don’t need to complete a ...
3 kids on boat with dad
Best starter boat for your family
Boaters have so many different tastes and preferences that make it virtually impossible to ...
Buying a used boat
I was excited for my friend who called to report that the 1973 Seacraft was his. The ...
boats docked
Guide to boat shows
I’ll never forget my first visit to the Progressive Miami Boat Show. My trip fell ...
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