boats docked
Guide to boat shows
I’ll never forget my first visit to the Progressive Miami Boat Show. My trip fell ...
boat buying
Tips for buying a boat
There was a time when I thought I picked out the perfect boat. It was a flat-bottomed ...
caring for a boat illustration
5 smart ways to make your boat last longer
You took the dive, you committed your money, and you finally bought a boat. Now is the ...
sailboat floating in Caribbean by island
Sailing the Caribbean for a year
In 2015, my husband and I purchased a sailboat in the Virgin Islands sight unseen, quit ...
sailboat floating Caribbean
Sailing the Caribbean
Although our trip may have gotten off to a slower start than we had envisioned, the ...
sailing the Caribbean
The realities of seeing our boat for the first time
After two years of planning and saving, we finally pulled the trigger. We bought a boat, ...
boat at sea illustration
What to do if you are stranded on the water
The bay was slick calm, and only a slight breath of wind pushed around the sweet smell of ...
man throwing out rope in lake
How to throw a line
man on boat in lake
Boating basics
Here in the Northeast, my boating season is short, and that’s why in the winter and ...
man cleaning deck of boat
5 easy ways to keep your boat cleaner
If you are a new boat owner, you’ll learn that even though everyone loves spending a ...
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