Car Shopping

best time to buy a car
End of year car buying tips
Generally, the best time to buy a new car is, well, when you need it. However, if you have ...
car keys and a wallet
Your guide to buying a new car
Every year, car manufacturers work hard to produce new models packed with impressive new ...
Should I buy a car from a rental company?
Rental cars get a bad rap. Labeled as generic workhorses that get used and abused by a ...
Negotiating a car purchase
So, you’ve decided what car you want and finally you’re ready to make your car ownership ...
salesman showing dashboard and explaining automobile characteristics to female customer
Tips for test driving a car
Let’s face it—buying a new car is a pretty stressful. You’re spending a lot of money, you ...
car keys and a wallet
What is a good down payment on a car?
According to a 2017 analysis by, the average down payment on a car (both used ...
man creating checklist at table
Car buying checklist
Driving a new car home from the dealership can be pretty complicated. By the time you get ...
illustration two men standing in front of a car
Tips for buying a car from a private seller
Car shopping can be confusing, especially if you’re looking for a used vehicle. Sometimes ...
illustration car with a key
5 things to include on a car buying checklist
Thinking of buying a car? Well, there are a few things you should know the answers to ...
car illustration
Auto leasing vs. buying: What’s best for you?
If you are in the market for a new set of wheels, you’re probably wondering if you should ...
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