Painting a fireplace
A fireplace can make a major statement in any room. It’s a natural focal point and a big ...
modern desk
How to build a modern desk
wood shoe rack
How to build a shoerack
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Spring renovation ideas
Spring’s arrival always brings on a sense of renewal, optimism and the burning desire to ...
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Exterior DIYs for increased curb appeal
Increasing your curb appeal is very easy with simple exterior DIYs. You can completely ...
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How to transform your home with paint
Every so often each of us gets the bug to do something a little different with our living ...
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How to deal with the common challenges of a DIY remodel
There is one word to sum up my feelings about our upcoming kitchen remodel: ...
Baking soda: The amazing all-natural cleanser
Fluffy pastries and scrumptious cookies might be the first things that come to mind when ...
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10 contractor scam warning signs
Protect yourself, your home and your finances after a natural disaster by following these ...
DIY with your spouse
How to DIY with your spouse
It may seem tough to do home improvement with a spouse, but we have a few tips that can ...
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