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two story home
8 ways to remove stress from the home-buying process
Buying a home starts out as exciting, but often ends up being stressful. It’s not ...
Couple in real estate agency signing property contract documents
4 questions young homebuyers should ask themselves
Home sweet home In 2017, the National Association of Realtors’ “Home Buyers and ...
keys to house on bring yellow background
What to know about buying a home when self-employed
Four years ago, when my husband and I started our initial search for a home of our own, we ...
open house cleaning supplies
8 cleaning cheats for your next open house
Getting your home ready for sale can be stressful. With so much to do in a short span of ...
single family home with double garage
4 unexpected ways to save on your home purchase
To shave even a few thousand dollars from the cost of buying a home, you might consider ...
Why we refinanced 2.5 years after buying a house
Last year at this time, about two and a half years after we’d bought The Treehouse, ...
Shop the neighborhood before you shop for a new home
Shopping for a new home is a huge endeavor. There are so many things to consider, so many ...
Renting versus buying: What’s right for you?
If you are an adult who pays rent, you have probably felt pressure from your loved ones ...
Is your home protected? Unpacking your policy
Buying a home continues to be one of the most important financial goals for a lot of ...
3 questions to ask before making a financial decision
Major life decisions can be exciting and terrifying. After all, you want to make the right ...
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