Home Improvement

What to consider before you paint brick
Sometimes brick looks beautiful — and sometimes it’s an eyesore. Depending on the ...
kitchen organization
9 expert tips for clearing clutter in your kitchen
My husband and daughter love to browse in kitchen stores and regularly come home with ...
4 helpful tips for homeowners
Tips to help homeowners get jobs done around their home on their own. Learn how to install ...
Pink Paint Brush on Bright Pink Painted shiplap
Top 3 things to expect during a home remodel…
My husband and I were in love with our home the moment we stepped through the front door ...
metal home with metal roof
Guide to building permits
You have the vision. You know what you want. But getting that sparkling new kitchen or ...
5 preventable dangers lurking in your garage
You’re probably less frightened of the garage now than you were as a small child, but ...
best grasses
5 best grasses for your lawn
Lawns have been coming under attack as of late — after all, they are high-maintenance, ...
brick wall and ornamental shrub
Defensive plants heighten home security
I live in what you would typically refer to as a ‘safe neighborhood’ … good schools, ...
modern bedroom design
Guest room 101
One of the best ways to make guests feel welcome is to carve out a lovely space for them ...
mirrors and light sconces
9 ways to make your kitchen ecofriendly
This Potomac, Maryland, home needed a kitchen makeover, and because the owner is an ...
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