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brightly colored pillows on a neutral couch
The 5 home textiles you didn’t know you needed
Textiles are a vital part of any home’s design. They can be used to add pops of color to ...
tinting glass in a house
How to protect your home from UV Rays
Over the past three decades, the amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays reaching Earth has risen. ...
paint can lids
Paint in style: Trends for summer 2018
Everything we bring into our homes gives us a chance to make a statement with color. In ...
window treatments
Blinds to take your new home from boring to brilliant
On the day a new home becomes yours, you turn the key and the door swings open with ...
Maximizing space in a closet
A giant walk-in closet with ample shelf and hanging space seems to be on everyone’s wish ...
Blinds for every budget
Finance-friendly window treatments for your family home Window blinds are available in ...
Our favorite summer design trends
Summertime has arrived! It’s time for long days spent in the sunshine, family getaways, ...
gallery wall in nursery
What to do with a big blank wall
We all have them. That big blank wall that taunts you with its vast emptiness, just ...
bedroom with bold printed bedding
5 tips for a colorful spring refresh
The last vestiges of winter are beginning to fade. The days are growing noticeably longer ...
refinishing chairs with paint
Tips on refinishing furniture
Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of furniture that had great bones but needed a whole ...
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