Pet Ownership

Dog in a RV
How to help pets adjust to RV life
You’re looking to head out for a weekend adventure, random road trip, or maybe ...
orange tabby cat at the vet
5 ways to save money on veterinary bills
Comparison shop, for services and prescriptions As with human doctors, fees can vary from ...
cat sitting on a scratching post
8 things you’ll need for your new cat
Here are eight items you will want to consider when welcoming a new feline friend into ...
cat with a roomba
Holiday wish list for pet owners
If you have pets – this is your holiday wish list. As an owner of pets, and an avid ...
two dogs
3 steps to introducing dogs
My husband and I have two large dogs, Charlie and Ellie, who are night and day in ...
How to take your dog everywhere with you
If you are like me, you look for every opportunity to take your dog with you anywhere. ...
Living in the city with pets
This fall, Scott and I are celebrating living in Chicago for 11 years – hooray! For ...
pet calm at vet
How to keep your pet calm at the vet
For many pets, a visit to the doctor can be mean anxiety, fear and sometimes even ...
signs your pet is sick
Signs your pet may be sick
Just like us, pets can get sick sometimes. They can’t talk to us to tell us what is wrong, ...
dog laying in bed
9 things you’ll need for your new dog
Regardless of the age or breed of your new family member, here are nine items you will ...
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