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3 biggest financial fails
Even the most financially savvy among us trip up from time-to-time, especially with ...
renters insurance
Why you should roll rental insurance into your budget
If you’re a millennial living in one of these increasingly expensive cities — New York ...
apartment living with pets
6 tips for apartment living with pets
According to an survey, more than 70% of apartment renters in the U.S. own ...
Moving and money: What you need to know
My mother, a woman who has moved 13 times in her adult life, gave me some sage advice ...
emergency fund
Start an emergency fund (even if you have debt)
“Ha, my savings? That’s cute. I’ve got rent, student loan bills, credit cards to pay off ...
guide to living together
A guide to living together
Living with someone new is a huge change filled with lots of unknowns. A learning ...
renters insurance options
Attention renters, we’ve got you covered
While temperatures may drop in the winter, did you know rental prices often drop as well? ...
On your own … and on a budget
A little planning can help you settle happily into your new apartment Leaving the comfort ...
Getting the most out of your security deposit
Moving into a new apartment typically requires an expensive upfront payment—usually your ...
Is renters insurance right for you? 4 questions to ask
My first apartment was nothing to brag about. I had a twin bed, a hand-me-down couch from ...
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