Safe Driving Tips

8 products every person should have in their car in case of trouble
The question isn’t whether or not you’ll run into car trouble, but when. We recommend ...
road trip tips
Road trip like a pro
Whether you’re taking the car to the beach or your RV to a National Park, planning a road ...
talking to teens about driving
How to handle the driving conversation with my teen driver
It’s the most bittersweet of milestones. We can’t wait for it to finally get here, and ...
drivers license test
Obtaining a learner’s permit with a teenage driver
So you’ve got a child getting a learner’s permit – well, I can relate. The crying, the ...
driving in Mexico
Driving in Mexico: 5 things to know
A vacation to Mexico can be an adventure! The sights, sounds, smells, activities, beaches, ...
driver safety technology
7 in-car technology features that make driving safer
Even though we’re initially drawn to new cars by the high-gloss color and seductive ...
3 ways to involve your teens in safe driving charities
Raising teens to be safe drivers is one of the best gifts parents can give their kids. ...
A free therapy session for parents of teen drivers
If your teen is about to get their driver’s license, you may be experiencing some anxiety ...
A former air force pilot trainer on teaching your teen to drive
Fatherhood is a funny thing. After 16 years of single-minded, laser focus on nothing but ...
distracted driving
Here’s how dangerous you actually are behind the wheel
Drivers today are overwhelmed by potential distractions. Whether you’re eating a ...
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