Safe Driving Tips

Turkey day driving data to help you stay safe
If you’ve ever travelled for Thanksgiving, then you know it’s one of the ...
From Model T to Tesla: The evolution of driving safety
From the introduction of safety glass to seatbelts to self-driving cars, we continue to ...
Rally survival tips from a motorcycle event veteran
How to have fun, stay safe, and stretch your money at the big bike rallies. For bikers, ...
Top 10 tactics for winter driving
A self-proclaimed winter-driving know-it-all shares his best tips Living in a part of the ...
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Mindful driving: Are you really safe, or just lucky?
Ever arrive at your destination without remembering how you got there? It turns out that ...
Making driving safer, one crash test at a time
IIHS crash test ratings, videos and research can help you find the safest cars The ...
A quick refresher on liability coverage
Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability coverage make up the core of your car ...
steering wheel grip
​“9 and 3”—a better way to grip the steering wheel
“Drive Safe Today Day” to highlight practical, sometimes counter-intuitive, safe driving ...
Technology keeping you safe behind the wheel
An interview with Progressive’s vehicle-safety technology expert As part of his job on ...
making roads safer
​Using big data to shrink accident numbers
Help make the roads and waterways safer with our claims insight You probably don’t think ...
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