Safe Driving Tips

From Model T to Tesla: The evolution of driving safety
From the introduction of safety glass to seatbelts to self-driving cars, we continue to ...
Motorcycle rally tips
How to have fun, stay safe, and stretch your money at the big bike rallies. For bikers, ...
Top 10 tactics for winter driving
A self-proclaimed winter-driving know-it-all shares his best tips Living in a part of the ...
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Mindful driving: Are you really safe, or just lucky?
Ever arrive at your destination without remembering how you got there? It turns out that ...
How to find the safest cars on the road
IIHS crash test ratings, videos and research can help you find the safest cars The ...
A quick refresher on liability coverage
Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability coverage make up the core of your car ...
steering wheel grip
“9 and 3” steering wheel grip
“Drive Safe Today Day” to highlight practical, sometimes counter-intuitive, safe driving ...
Technology keeping you safe behind the wheel
An interview with Progressive’s vehicle-safety technology expert As part of his job on ...
making roads safer
​Using big data to shrink accident numbers
Help make the roads and waterways safer with our claims insight You probably don’t think ...
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​The lead foot report
With rear-end collisions making up the most common type of claim we see, we analyzed more ...
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