Saving Money

3 reasons to get the right coverage
Let me share a story with you about a friend of mine. Let’s call him ...
guide to garage sales
The insider guide to garage sales
Garage sales, yard sales, tag sales. No matter what you call them, everyone’s ...
Ditch getting hitched to debt
Sally and Bobby met in college. They fell madly in love and can’t wait to become legally ...
4 key traits of a good mechanic
One of the biggest mistakes we make as car owners is what I call shop-hopping. We hop ...
Saving for College VS. Retirement
Which comes first? If you’re a parent, you very likely want to give the world to your ...
tax refund uses
10 smart uses for your tax refund
Tax time can be all kinds of boring until you find out you’re receiving a refund. The ...
utility meters
How to locate and read home utility meters
Oh, the dreaded water, electric and gas bills. If you have a household member who takes ...
emergency fund
Start an emergency fund (even if you have debt)
“Ha, my savings? That’s cute. I’ve got rent, student loan bills, credit cards to pay off ...
The ultimate financial checkup
Would you plan a cross-country road trip without giving your car at least a quick ...
Affordable technology
Breaking the stigma of affordable technology
Though no longer the case for many things these days, when it comes to the price of ...
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