Severe Weather

What to do now to protect your home before a natural disaster
While nothing can truly prepare you for what so many have gone through, you can take ...
Staying safe during a hurricane
Living on the coast has its advantages, even if you don’t live walking distance to the ...
A wildfire in forest due to continuous dry weather in summe
Wildfire safety tips
Wildfires can occur at any time, but usually there’s a greater risk during dry conditions. ...
Hurricane readiness tips for your car, boat or RV
Hurricane season is here—check out the following tips to keep you and your family, as well ...
Hail season stats
Hail season is here
Let us help you be prepared for the next storm that rolls in
Top 3 News Sources for When Severe Weather Hits
Progressive’s National Catastrophe Response Team shares its favorite ways to stay on top ...
Don’t let water wash you out
5 tools and tricks to protect your home from water damage The Itsy Bitsy Spider’s ...
Prep your homeowners policy for severe weather
Make sure your coverage is up to whatever Mother Nature throws your way I live in Ohio and ...
​Prepare for severe weather: 9 things to know and do
Each year, the country is hit with hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, super storms, ...
protect your car from hail
How to protect your car from hail
When most people think about major natural catastrophes, tornadoes, hurricanes and ...
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