Teen Driving

Nervous Father Teaching Teenage Son To Drive
Tips for nervous parents of teen drivers
It’s time to teach your kids that self-control when driving does pay dividends on ...
A Teen learning to drive or taking driving test
How a teen driver affects your budget
Ever wonder how a teen driver affects your budget?  Get ready to learn! As much as many of ...
Set A Better Example Behind The Wheel
How to set a better example behind the wheel
When you drive with kids, there’s a lot to think about. How to keep them safe. How to keep ...
teen driving car
Driving with friends
As a parent, I’ve always felt compelled to protect my kids. I am in no way a ...
illustration of car
Choosing a teen drivers first car
It may be the most important purchase you make—the car you put your teen driver in. Do you ...
red headed kid sitting with phone
Your teen’s first car accident
The phone rings. It’s your teen driver. They were supposed to be home by now, but instead ...
talking about driving with your teen
A teen’s point of view on driving
As parents, it can be a challenging time when our kids start to drive. Getting a ...
teen driver accident
Setting consequences for a teen’s poor driving
Teenage drivers can be scary, and I for one definitely pay attention to them when ...
Trusting teen drivers
Building trust with your new teen driver
Congratulations! Your teen’s first few weeks of driving solo are going well, you’re ...
drivers license test
Helping your teen pass their driver’s test
When I was finally old enough to get my driver’s license I suspect that my parents were so ...
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