Tech-savvy insider secrets to easy travel

Have you ever wanted to travel like the pros all year long?  From complimentary upgrades to seamless check-ins, discover the easy way to travel with these tech-savvy travel tips.


The best way to ensure you have a great travel experience is by proper planning using technology to create the experience you’ll love. With plenty of apps to choose from, it’s never been more convenient to create the travel experience of your dreams.  Book airline reservations, car rentals and more directly from your smartphone using  price comparison sites like Priceline®. Looking to score special offers or enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences once you get to your destination?  Joining hotel loyalty programs and downloading hotel apps are great ways to qualify for complimentary upgrades and even free stays.  You can also research tips, reviews and more using travel apps to discover what unique experiences, dining and shopping your destination has in store.  


There used to be a time where travelers dreaded packing for upcoming travels. Now, with so many tech-fueled luggage, carriers and accessories, packing for your next trip is easier than ever before.  Create the ultimate organized bag with packing cubes to maximize limited space and keep your suitcase weight in check with a portable handheld scale that displays the weight of your luggage before checking in at the airline counter.  Boost your packing intelligence with “smart luggage” like a carry-on bag equipped with Wi-Fi hot spot, GPS and built-in power storage for your smartphone, tablet and laptop computer. The luggage of the future can be found today and make packing for your next journey easy tomorrow.

Airways or roadways

Thinking about catching a quick flight or getting behind the wheel for your next roadtrip? No matter if you’re traveling by air or car, nobody likes to be late because of traffic. Eliminate traffic jams on the way to your destination with navigation apps that guarantee real-time traffic information, and utilize airline mobile apps to seamlessly check-in, request upgrades and board your next flight.

Living la vida local

Using technology on your next trip can ensure you live like a professional traveler, even if you’re visiting for the very first time.  There’s no need to travel like a tourist when you can have a hometown experience with just a few clicks on your computer. To discover how to live like a local, ditch the hotel flair and opt for staying in a real home, using vacation rental sites. With thousands of apartment, condo and single-family home locations to choose from, you can find the right place off the beaten path that suits your style, budget and convenience.  

Technology has created more access to the whole wide world than ever before, so why not use a few tech-savvy tips to upgrade your next travel experience?  What are your favorite gadgets and apps that you can’t travel without?  Share your favorites in the comments below!