​The big road fix: L.A.

In a city notorious for its traffic, one doesn’t have to look far to find roadways in need of improvement. But one stretch of L.A. highway stands out among the rest: the Arroyo Seco parkway connecting downtown Los Angeles with Pasadena.

Known as the first modern freeway in the western United States, the Arroyo Seco remains largely unchanged since its opening in 1940. With the advent of modern cars that reach much higher speeds than the cars of its day, the sharp turns and short exit ramps of the Arroyo Seco have been the site of countless accidents in recent years.

In this first installment of The Big Road Fix, a new video series from our friends at GOOD, we see how this roadway has impacted neighbors in the area, what Snapshot data can tell us about driving patterns on some particularly dangerous sections, and some potential solutions the city is exploring.


This piece was produced as part of Data for GOOD—an Apron Project collaboration. The Apron Project celebrates progress and the people who make it happen. This year, in partnership with the team at GOOD, we’re exploring how data and the power of information can be harnessed to make progress.