Turkey day driving data to help you stay safe

With Thanksgiving being one of the most heavily traveled holidays, we decided to examine claims data dating back to 2010 to see if we could detect any significant trends around Turkey Day.

Compared to our data from the two weeks before and two weeks after the holiday week, we saw distinct patterns around three key days:

Black Wednesday

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, known as Black Wednesday, had a 25 percent increase in accidents. So if you’re out with friends the night before Turkey Day make sure you have a designated driver or get a cab or professional driver. Don’t let an accident ruin your Thanksgiving the next day.

Black Friday

Both Thanksgiving night accidents increased 20 percent, and Black Friday accidents increased by 34 percent. On both days, a large portion of the accidents were backing or parking related. When you head out to grab the great deals for Black Friday, use extra caution in the parking lot.

Black Sunday?

For out-of-towners, the Sunday after Thanksgiving isn’t your best choice to hit the road back home. If you can stay an extra day and leave Monday, it’s much safer, with 37 percent fewer accidents than Sunday. Even Saturday is a safer time to travel, with 17 percent fewer accidents compared to Sunday.

Check out our latest infographic to find out how to stay safe the week of Thanksgiving—from Black Wednesday through Cyber Monday: