3 stress free wedding planning tips

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My younger sister is getting married this fall and asked me for advice. What I really wanted her to know was how much I stressed about things that, in the end, didn’t really matter. What I want most for her is to enjoy the happiest day of her life!

The best advice I could give was to give up worrying about certain things such as…

Creating a seating chart

Don’t bother stressing out over who knows whom and who should sit where. Everyone in attendance wants the best for you and, with that in mind, they will get along wonderfully. Besides, no one will even be in their seats once the music starts playing and, if it’s anything like my wedding, people will view it as an opportunity to walk around and mingle with family and friends they haven’t seen in ages.

Printing formal programs

Forgoing printed programs is a great way to save money, not to mention trees. I overprinted for mine, thinking I needed one for each guest. At most, they took one per couple (and the children didn’t seem too interested in a piece of paper without any pictures on it).

It’s still a good idea to provide the names of songs, members of the wedding party and the like so here’s a quick hack: write that kind of info on a large chalkboard at the entrance of the wedding venue or on a large, framed poster.

Finding the perfect cake flavor

Does Grandma prefer chocolate or vanilla? Is the organist a buttercream frosting fan? Yes, those were actual questions I asked myself while deciding what flavor cake we should offer to our guests. I have to laugh at my former self now. You can’t please everyone, so trust your taste buds and choose your favorite. While you may be too busy to have a piece during the reception, it makes a great breakfast the next morning.

So much time and planning goes into a wedding—you have my permission to cross those three things off your list!

And if you REALLY don’t want to stress about wedding planning, consider purchasing wedding insurance to protect against the unexpected. Sure, it won’t protect against cold feet, but it can protect against other mishaps that might cause you to postpone your big day—think broken leg, not broken heart. If unforeseen illness, injury, severe weather or other covered events force you to postpone your big day, wedding insurance can cover your deposits. So make it four things you can cross of your list!

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