3 ways to save on honeymoon travel

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Aside from the dress and the bubbly, the honeymoon is the best part of a wedding. It’s the pot of gold at the end of the wedding rainbow. Your reward for spending months pining over details upon details. Since planning a wedding can be quite expensive, here are three ways that you can truly save money on honeymoon travel without sacrificing any of the romance.

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1. Honeymoon registry

Register for your honeymoon instead of for housewares. How does it work? Just like adding items to a regular registry, you create an online registry (Google it, there are lots of options out there) out of things you want to do on your honeymoon. Genius, right?

You make a listing for wine tasting, for hotel robes, for horseback riding, for plane tickets, etc. Then your guests think they are buying that item for you when in reality the money they “spent” is getting put into a giant piggy bank. You collect money for as long as you want and then cash out before your trip. Meaning you get to spend all the money on anything you’d like, from yoga on the beach to fancy cocktails or maybe even scuba diving. The money you don’t spend on your honeymoon is yours to keep.

2. Shop for a deal

Keep an open mind about the location and search online for the best deal in your price range. Use credit card points, barter with a family member for their time-share and search deal sites like Groupon and Living Social to find the right fit.

Deal tip: many vacation deals can be found off-season. If your wedding is during peak vacation season, consider going on your honeymoon a few weeks or months after your I-dos to find significant savings and potentially better service.

3. Go all-inclusive

Where some all-inclusive options can lack in adventure and diversity, they make up for in ease, relaxation and budget savvy. The perfect honeymoon location is a place that you can both truly relax and decompress from all that you have experienced over the past year.

From your engagement to your wedding, it’s a lot to process. Meaning being at a resort (or on a cruise ship) where you raise your hand and a drink is brought to you, without your wallet making an appearance, is the ideal way to decompress and connect as husband and wife.

When you can eat, drink and be merry without the thought of payment, it’s very relaxing—exactly what you need after the stress of planning a wedding.

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