3 tips for the bride-to-be … from a guy

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How can a guy from an insurance company help make your big day complete? Read on.

I’m a guy, and I work at an insurance company.

Something in my chromosomes and in my environment prevents me from any appreciation of the romantic, right?

Well, maybe … or maybe not.

Ok, I get it: Your wedding is your “big day.” The day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

And, I know you have a lot to juggle as your date approaches.

So, it’s probably not like you need three more things to think about right now. But, I believe I can offer a few tips as you get ready to tie the knot.

They’re not totally romantic. They are, at least, useful.

After all, I’m a guy, and I work at an insurance company.

1. Make sure your gifts are covered

Insurance adds an important layer of protection that can save you some real heartache if the unthinkable happens to your shower and/or wedding gifts.

So, as your groom helps you carry carries your gifts in from the car, make sure you’re covered.

If you’re renting, consider renters insurance. For a very low spend—costs can be as low as $7 a month—you can have peace of mind that your property is protected.

Renters and homeowners policies both typically include contents coverage for your personal belongings—furniture, appliances, electronics, etc. That coverage has a “limit,” which is the maximum amount you’ll get if those belongings are stolen or destroyed. Make sure that limit is high enough to replace everything—including your gifts.

Our partners at Progressive Home Advantage® offer the following additional advice for newlyweds. These can help greatly with the claim process if your gifts do happen to get stolen or damaged in a fire.

  • Take a picture of your wedding and shower gifts as a record of what you received.
  • Keep a copy of your final wedding registry showing which gifts were purchased.
  • Make copies of receipts for higher-priced items (i.e., greater than $500).
  • Register your products with the manufacturer whenever possible, so the make, model and age are on record.
  • Know what’s covered and what’s not under your insurance policy—valuables like engagement rings, men’s high-end watches, artwork and heirloom china often require separate coverages.
  • If you use a detached storage unit, make sure it’s secure enough to prevent thieves from looting your new goods.

2. Use MissNowMrs.com to change your last name

When I saw this for the first time, I said to myself,
“I wish I’d thought of that.”

For a low fee ($29.99,with a $5.00 discount through our Perkshare® program), MissNowMrs.com will help you navigate the red tape associated with changing your last name on your Social Security card, driver’s license, voter registration, passport and credit cards.

Seems worth it just to avoid standing in line at the DMV.

3. Get a free, customized, “Just Married” sign

Every storybook wedding has the bride and groom driving off with a “Just Married” sign in their car’s back window.

So should yours.

Professionally designed and custom-printed with your names and wedding date, your Progressive “Just Married” sign is one more romantic “kiss” for the big day. And, it’s free.

Two are now one … driving off into wedded bliss.

And, to think, a guy at an insurance company suggested it. Maybe I’m a bit romantic after all.

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