Is a destination wedding right for you?

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Are you thinking about having a destination wedding? The idea was something my husband and I toyed with before our wedding. He knows how much I love Italy, and so he explained to me that we could spend a whole month there for the price of a wedding at home. He was right, but I knew that not many of our guests could make the trip, and I wanted our family and friends with us on our big day. Because of this reason, I decided an Italian wedding was not right for us.

Having a destination wedding has both benefits and drawbacks. Considering these pros and cons, you have to ultimately figure out if a destination wedding will work for your dream day. Asking yourself the questions below will help you determine if you should start booking your flights or looking at local venues.

Who will be able to make the trip?

The guest list was the deciding factor against a destination wedding for us. My husband’s mother refuses to fly, and neither of us could imagine getting married without her present. Figure out how many of the people you intend to invite will be able to make the trip to see you walk down the aisle. If it turns out most will be able to make it, I’d say a destination wedding could work for you. On the other hand, if you realize several of your must-have guests might not make it, a destination wedding may be out of the equation.

Are you okay with sharing your honeymoon?

Most likely, you’ll be staying at your wedding destination for your honeymoon. However, some of your guests may decide to do the same. Are you okay sharing your honeymoon with friends and family? Some couples have been together for a while and would be completely all right with having more people along for their celebration. Other couples just want to spend time alone. Which couple are you?

Will traveling cause unwanted family drama?

There could be a lot of family drama that goes along with having a destination wedding. For starters, will either of your parents be opposed to you not having a wedding at home? Will having them around for several days drive you or anyone else nuts? In the same respect, if there are family members who simply can’t get along, you’ll need to decide if dealing with that drama while on vacation will be too much for you. Your wedding is your time, so you need to try to eliminate as many outside stressors as possible.

Are you prepared to tackle some legal issues?

When it comes to getting married, you should always find out what it takes to make your union legal wherever you decide to tie the knot. Every destination is different, so talk to an expert about the legal requirements for marriage in your chosen location. Also, if you’re traveling to a different country, you’ll need to keep in mind that you and your guests will need to have passports.

Are you staying local or jetting off to a tropical location?

If you’ve answered all of these questions and you’re full steam ahead for a destination wedding, there are a few more things to put on that to-do list. First, I highly recommend hiring a good wedding planner who lives and works out of the area where you are getting married. Most hotels have wedding planners to help couples plan their weddings, but if you’re doing things á la carte, a local wedding planner should be a must. Trust me! A local wedding planner will have the knowledge to help you pull off the wedding of your dreams.

And last, but not least, if you’re looking at a destination in the U.S., consider purchasing wedding insurance. If you’re looking to travel abroad, or looking at a honeymoon overseas, you can cover your trip with travel insurance. You never know what might happen and with all the money you are investing into your destination wedding, having that piece of mind will be absolutely priceless.

Happy travels, and cheers to a lifetime of marital bliss!

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