A guide to wedding transportation planning

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It’s the sign-off to countless romantic movies: the newlyweds riding off into a lifetime of wedded bliss, while confetti-throwing revelers wish them well.

Make sure your wedding-day transportation is worthy of your own Hollywood ending by planning ahead with these easy tips.


  • One year—Start your research if you’re planning your wedding during peak season (May-June). But give it no less than nine months regardless of the time of year.
  • Four months—Plan to have all transportation booked.
  • One week—Call the transportation providers to confirm everything is still on schedule.

What to consider when hiring a transportation company for your wedding day

1. Size. Is a limo or limo bus right for you? Make sure there’s enough room in the vehicle. Remember, gowns and dresses may take up extra room and you don’t want you or your guests to look all wrinkled before the ceremony, pictures or reception.

2. Style. Is your wedding traditional or unique? Your choice in transportation can reflect this. Think beyond just limos and limo buses. There are tons of options out there to choose from: vintage cars, horse-drawn carriages, school buses, trollies, boats, bicycles, motorcycles, rocket ship cars. Your options are only limited by your imagination (and possibly your budget); just do a web search for wedding transportation.

3. Timing. Map out the day and think through where people need to be: The wedding party needs to get to the ceremony, pictures and reception. The guests need to get from the hotel, to the ceremony, possibly back to the hotel, to the reception, and back to the hotel yet again. Do you want to run a shuttle so people can leave at different times? Know all this before contacting companies. Some charge hourly, some daily, and some have wedding packages available. The more information you have upfront, the more realistic your estimates will be.

4. Service. Have a budget, and know what kind of services you want so you can plan ahead. Do you want to bring drinks? Then you’ll want an ice down service to keep them cold. Do you want to make certain stops along the way to your destination? These are the types of services you should keep in mind when choosing your company.

5. Total cost. Make sure you compare “apples-to-apples” prices. Many companies have hidden fees, so be sure all service charges, tips, and other add-ons are included in your price comparison. Remember, prices vary greatly based on the part of the country you’re looking in, services offered, and vehicle type you choose.

Bonus tip: Safety. Make sure the company is registered and insured. Never book with someone who can’t/isn’t willing to provide this information.

Additional transportation details to consider

  • Rental cars. Do you have guests coming from out of town? If so, they may want to rent cars while in town. Check out PerkShare®
    for car rental discounts from Alamo®, National Car Rental®, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car®.
  • Designated drivers. Remember the importance of safety. At the end of the night, if any of your guests need a ride home, there are companies out there to help, including Lyft®, Uber® and BeMyDDSMPerkShare has discounts available for BeMyDD customers.
  • Getaway car. Get a free “Just Married” sign for the back of your car on PerkShare.
  • Roadside Assistance. Be prepared for car trouble. Progressive offers numerous services, including towing, flat tire changes, locksmith services, among other things.

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