How to organize your nursery

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Babies are tiny but they sure do require a lot of stuff, don’t they? And figuring out how to keep all of those large and small items organized in a nursery can often be a challenge. Hanging clothing dividers are a popular must-have and diaper caddies are a given, but beyond that what else do you need? Today I’ve rounded up some simple organizing tips that I’ve employed to help keep things tidy and easy to find.

Dresser organization

One thing that I’ve always done is arrange clothing by size by drawer. Each of the lower drawers holds a specific size (6 – 12 months, 12 – 18 months, 2T) and then for the clothing that my daughter currently fits into is stored in the upper drawers and sorted by type (tops/onesies, bottoms, pajamas and swimsuits).

We live in Hawaii which is why swimsuits and reusable swim diapers get their own drawer. This method prevents things from getting lost and also ensures smaller-sized items don’t get buried under larger clothes and then never worn. I also have a drawer for crib sheets so that her sheets don’t get lost in our house’s linen closet.

Bow storage

If you have a baby girl there is a chance you also have a large assortment of bows. My 1-year-old is still short on hair so she still wears bows on nylon headbands. One way to keep them organized is to display your favorite and most used nylon headband bows on a tabletop necklace holder. I use an old acrylic one that I’ve had for years and it has made selecting a bow infinitely easier. For larger headbands I use a small cloth storage bin that I keep on her bookcase.

If your child is blessed with more hair than mine is then you may have lots of bows on clips. Consider using a hanging bow holder that you can clip the bows onto. You can hang them on the wall or on the back of the door, depending on the size. You could even make your own with a thrift store picture frame and some chicken wire or by simply hanging a wide grosgrain ribbon from a hook!

Diaper storage

Don’t feel like having a true diaper caddy is a requirement. A pretty square or rectangular basket can work just as well and can also be used later on down the road. I like to keep two rows of diapers, a packet of wipes, and a tube of diaper rash ointment at the ready on top of the dresser/changing table. All of the spare diapers and wipes are stored in the closet and I replenish the basket as needed.

Shoe organization

Baby shoes are the cutest, aren’t they? (Though not exactly the most practical!) I think it’s important to keep shoes organized by size, so I display any shoes my daughter can currently fit into on a shelf. I figure that if I can see them I’m less likely to forget that they’re there so that they don’t go unused. The shoes that she doesn’t fit into yet are stored in a basket on the bookshelf.

Storage bins and baskets

Bins and baskets can be great organizational tools, but if you don’t keep them organized or designated for corralling specific items then they can end up doing more harm than good. In the newborn days it’s really helpful to have one basket for burp cloths, one for swaddle blankets, and then once the baby starts teething (or if they spit up a lot) it’s great to have one for bibs, too. Baskets are also great for keeping toys and books from getting out of hand.

Keep an eye on sizes

Whenever my daughter outgrows something I immediately remove it from the drawers or closet. There is no use in having unusable clothes taking up excess space, so all of these items are either donated, sold, placed in the keepsake box, or stored for later in case we have another baby in a few years. Removing old clothes on a consistent basis keeps the closet and drawers organized and prevents stress if someone else is dressing her.

Nurseries are one of the most fun and exciting rooms in the house to decorate but it’s so important to keep things organized in such a small space. Thankfully a simple plan and some cute storage bins can work wonders!

However you decide to organize your little one’s nursery, be sure to always keep everything you love protected with Progressive.

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