7 tips to keep your bridesmaids costs low

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Being asked to be a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor is truly an honor. And right after that honor wears off, the financial reality sets in. Engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, planning dates, outfits, shoes, dresses, hair, jewelry… and the list goes on. Save your besties from spending hundreds (if not thousands) by choosing to commit to a few of the suggestions below, and they will love you forever.

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1. Do not expect them to be excited about paying for things

It’s your wedding, not theirs. Since large bridal parties are trending, so is the number of times your friends have been asked to be in weddings. Some gals spend all of the money they make in their 20’s on being bridesmaids.

2. Don’t make them buy expensive matching dresses

Give them a color swatch and some gentle style direction and let them choose their own dress. That way they can spend what they’d like and they might even be able to wear the dress again. Win, win.

3. For events like your engagement party and bridal shower, don’t ask them to wear specific colors

You might laugh, but I have heard this many, many times. To set the bridesmaids apart, the bride asks for them to all wear pink shirts or tulle skirts or something like that which results in a specific outfit purchase that really wasn’t needed.

4. While it might be customary for bridesmaids to help pay for the shower, times have changed

Kindly ask them what they can contribute instead, it might be time, creativity, the venue or borrowed decor. Those who can help with monetary items will offer.

5. Don’t have a destination Bachelorette party

You don’t need to plan a weekend getaway that can cost bridesmaids anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Instead, try planning a local party. Since the bride typically doesn’t pay for anything, your guests will be more willing to splurge on you since they aren’t paying a lot in travel expenses. Plus, it’s a celebration that should be spared no expense.

6. Gift them what you want them to wear on the wedding day

Jewelry is the perfect way to thank them for all their help while adding some cohesiveness to their wedding day look. These accessories also make fabulous keepsakes that when worn again will bring back fond memories for your friends.

7. Last but not least, pay for their hair and makeup to get done, instead of expecting them to pay for it

Remember, it’s your wedding not theirs. This is a big expense for bridesmaids that they truly get nothing out of. Yes, they want to look good, but it’s really you that want them to look good, so if you can, pay for it.

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