So, your kid is getting married?

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Congratulations! You’ve just gotten the engagement news. After the excitement and all those feelings, reality kicks in. It probably ain’t gonna be cheap.

Whether your son or daughter wants an upscale wedding with appetizers you can’t pronounce or a barn-style wedding (what is contemporary rustic, anyway?), you may be facing some additional expenses this year.

Traditional guidelines on who pays for what are like many wedding traditions, antiquated. Although people should really bring back those strings of cans on the back of the car – just sayin’. These days it is based on what you can and are willing to pay. Have the conversation and be clear on your expectations. You may just be needed for moral support and to help calm the occasional anxiety attack.

Once you’ve laid out your expectations, be ready for the unexpected.

  • The wedding dress budget was clearer than the tulle, but once you see how happy she is in the one that goes a little over – what else can you do?
  • The June snowstorm forces the booking of a back-up venue for the reception so the guests don’t turn into icicles…and the cozy converted brewery makes the party even more fun!
  • Cousin Marge and her six daughters can’t afford transportation to the wedding – but if they’re not there, it will be World War III. The more the merrier!

Unfortunately some of the wedding surprises aren’t so fun. The wedding couple can be held responsible for the event and anything that happens there.

  • The groomsman left out a bag of ice and it causes thousands in damage to the venue’s contemporary rustic flooring.
  • Aunt Claire slips and lands into the wedding cake. Even though the video has gone viral, it didn’t generate enough money to cover her medical bills.
  • The $5,000 bill from the venue the next day states that someone didn’t think much of dragging the tables across the wood floors.

Event General Liability Insurance can help cover these unexpected incidences that you could be liable for. Progressive has an event insurance resource that could help give you some peace of mind. You may also find that event general liability is required by the venue.

What happens if the event has to be cancelled due to a storm? What if the venue has plumbing problems and says you can’t come? What if the dog chews up a tuxedo? What if drunk Uncle Ron decides to take a bat to all the wedding presents? You may want to look into Wedding Cancellation insurance which could help reimburse lost expenses.


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