Tips for securing your laptop from theft

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Our devices are an important part of our daily lives. No one expects them to be stolen, but these things can happen. Your laptop or Chromebook can be a valuable target for theft.

If you often bring your laptop with you on the go or use it regularly for school or work, it’s worth taking a few steps to keep your device safe. Here are some ways to prevent theft and prepare in case the worst happens.

Protecting your laptop data in case of theft

You can start by preparing your laptop. Simply requiring a password to log in can prevent thieves from accessing your data if it’s stolen. Make it something that’s not easy to guess but that you can still remember. Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters if possible.

To add another layer of security to your data, encrypt your hard drive. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you can ask a tech expert for help.

Finally, to prevent losing all your laptop’s data, make a backup on a regular basis. You can use a cloud service that automatically saves your data periodically. The other option is to purchase an external hard drive to save your data on, but be sure to set a reminder to do it. It can be every week, month, or several months, depending on how frequently you use your laptop.

Preventing laptop theft from your car

Leaving your laptop in your car can make it vulnerable to theft. If possible, try to take your laptop with you and don’t leave it unattended in your car. If that isn’t an option, hide the laptop from prying eyes. It’s best to store it in an enclosed trunk or under a seat. Above all, remember to lock your car as the first line of defense.

Keeping your laptop secure in public

Apart from your car, there are many other public places where your laptop can be stolen. However, you can make it less of a target.

First, when carrying your laptop around in public, use a nondescript bag or briefcase that’s not designed for only a laptop. If it’s not obvious what you’re carrying, someone may be less likely to steal it.

However, you should make the laptop itself unique, so it can be identified by authorities if stolen. You can add permanent markings or stickers that aren’t easy to remove. You should also keep the laptop’s serial number at home or somewhere secure, as this will also help authorities identify it.

It may seem obvious, but the best way to prevent laptop theft is to always keep it in your sight or with someone you trust. When that’s not possible, there are still ways to protect it. You can get a laptop lock designed to fasten to a table leg, so the laptop cannot be moved.

Also, consider investing in an alarm system for your laptop. There are wireless technologies that will sound a “chirp” on your phone if your laptop moves and you aren’t nearby. There are also perimeter systems, where if the laptop moves beyond a certain area, the computer will disable and emit a sound.

The bottom line

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your laptop. There’s no way to prevent theft entirely, but you can do a lot to prepare. If you’d like more peace of mind, consider our laptop insurance, which will replace your laptop if it’s stolen. It’s just another way to keep your laptop protected.

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