Life happens—even on vacation

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I’m a vacation mishap magnet. I’m not talking about your run-of-the mill trip with the in-laws or spending your honeymoon in the same hotel as the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. I’m talking about vacations where anything that could go wrong, well, did go wrong.

And I have the evidence to prove it:

Exhibit A

After my husband and I got married, we put on our cowboy hats and flew down to Nashville, TN for the weekend. Soon after arrival, my husband started complaining of a stomach ache. We chalked it up to food poisoning, but soon ended up in an ambulance on our way to the emergency room. Our two day get-away turned into a four-day trip highlighted by a surprise appendectomy.

Exhibit B

On a past trip to Mexico, our five-year-old son suffered a bug bite that resulted in some serious swelling. The resort doctor sent us to a hospital in town and, thankfully, everything turned out fine. But we ended up using our “fun” money on not-so-fun expenses.

Exhibit C

Last year, we flew to Hawaii to be in my best friend’s wedding. Two days into our trip, I learned my sister landed in the hospital following a car accident. I just couldn’t stay the two planned weeks in Hawaii while my sister was recovering at home, so we flew home early.

I rest my case.

Thankfully, everything turned out fine each time, but this year we’re going to enjoy a staycation. And when we’re ready to hit the road again, I’m going to take a friend’s advice and look into travel insurance.

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