Wedding planning

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Your wedding to-do list: That wonderful yet daunting list which includes venue, flowers, cake, tuxedos, party favors, and dresses. But don’t panic! Tips for tackling two of the big items on your wedding to-do list and the questions you should ask.

The venue

There are really two ways people come into this part of the planning- with a dream date, or a dream venue. Either way you’ll want to lock this up first. If you have a dream venue you will want to ask about the available dates so you can cross check your schedules. Now, if you are like me you might have a dream date. Being locked into a particular date can make finding a place a little more challenging. In short tackle this first to make sure you get your date, or to help determine your date! Once you have a date the rest starts to fall in line! And you’ll be surprised how much relies on this one piece of information from the florist, to the cake, to the dress!

Questions to ask:

  • How quickly to we have to make a decision? Some venues will put a hold on your date while you make your final decision, which can really help alleviate some of the pressure in deciding where to host your reception.
  • How early will we have access to the venue? Your music, florist, and any other party decorators will need to know when they can begin set-up.
  • Who is responsible for clean up? Trust me you will want to ask about this. My sister ended up cleaning up after her wedding in her wedding dress. If you are responsible for clean up you can plan ahead and have a crew of friends and family help you or maybe even tackle this for you.
  • Do I need additional insurance? Some venues might want you to have a General Liability Policy. This is to protect you and them in case someone gets hurt or damage is done to their historic hardwood floors because of the wedding.

The dress

After the venue this should be one of the first things you cross off your list, and not just because it can be a fun and exciting part of the process. Wedding dresses take awhile to come in once they are ordered. It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months before they are ready. And don’t forget to factor in time for alterations.

Questions to ask and why:

  • Are alterations included in the price? Alterations can be pricey, but some shops offer on site tailors and factor these into the total price of the dress.
  • Who will store the dress once it comes in? This is about more than just not letting your fiancé see your dress. This is all about protecting your dress from the unexpected. The shop where I got my dress told me a bride who didn’t take proper precautions had her dress peed on by her kitty. So if the shop isn’t keeping it think about how you will safely store it.
  • What happens if the dress doesn’t fit quite right? Now this is a nightmare situation that totally happens! I have heard about stores getting measurements wrong, or entering the incorrect size into the system. Whatever the case may be, it is good to know if they are prepared for a sizing discrepancy and have a plan in place.

 There are so many more fun and beautiful things to think about when planning a wedding. Just remember to breathe, relax and enjoy the planning.

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