Whose toaster are we going to keep?

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And other questions every newly-engaged couple should ask.

It’s a conversation that virtually every newly-engaged couple should have. But it’s probably the least talked-about.

“Whose ____ are we going to keep?”

That “blank” might be kitchenware, decor or furniture. And most of the time it’s a simple decision: “We’ll keep the strangely-shaped, oblong toaster rather than the stainless-steel cheapie.” Problem solved.

Sometimes, though, the options are a little more complex. Take insurance and banking, for instance. So use these tips for some of those stickier decisions.

Create a foundation of security

You both have car insurance. You don’t have to combine it. But you’ll save money by having one of you join the other’s policy. It also sets you up for the future by creating a foundation from which you can add more insurance—home, motorcycle, boat or other insurance coverages you might need as you build your life together.

Go with the “three-pot approach”

There’s a way to share money while keeping a little financial freedom when you’re married. It’s called the “three-pot approach.”

  • Pot 1: Your money
  • Pot 2: Your spouse’s
  • Pot 3: Shared money

So, where do you put all this money? Well—there are a handful of questions that can help you decide on a bank.

Use extra furniture as leverage

When you bring all of your belongings together, you might end up with more of certain items than you need, and none of others. Great! That’s perfect—sell what you don’t need (you’d be surprised at how quickly things get snapped up online), then use what you earn to fill in what you need.

Finally … let Dixie and Fido court, too

Your frenetic young kitten. His 5-year-old Goldendoodle.

Pets may simply not be a choice. You have to bring them together. But there are some techniques that can help their “wedding” go as smoothly as possible.

Before you make them roommates, give them some time to slowly connect. Start by giving them a whiff of each other … literally. Swap blankets or toys, before moving in, so they first learn each other’s scent.

Then, get them together for short periods of time—if possible, in a neutral location, so neither one feels territorial.

And here’s one reason to go with Progressive—Pet Injury Coverage. If you have Comprehensive and Collision on your policy, you have coverage if your dog or cat is injured in a car accident. We also offer full pet insurance policies through Pets Best®.

The bottom line:

Going from two to one requires a few decisions. Address them early on during your wedding plans to help start your marriage on the right foot.

Oh, and one more thing … Celebrate your new beginning with a free, custom “just married” sign from Progressive. Congratulations!

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