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With rear-end collisions making up the most common type of claim we see, we analyzed more than 12 billion miles of driving data collected from our usage-based insurance program, Snapshot®, to find these driving insights:

  • In looking at the most aggressive stops, it takes drivers 12 seconds to come to a complete stop when traveling 60 mph. At the other extreme, the most gradual one percent of stops from 60 mph take a full 40 seconds. The average driver falls right in the middle at 24 seconds—this equates to the distance of 4.2 football fields, or singing Happy Birthday three times in a row.
  • When comparing men and women’s average braking habits, the safest male drivers have 77 percent less hard brakes than the most aggressive female drivers.
  • While many assume that all teen drivers fall within the riskiest driver category, in actuality the safest quarter of 16-year-olds have fewer hard brakes than the average driver in every age decade.

Check out our video, The Lead Foot Report, below for more surprising stats. And remember to slow down and stay safe.

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