Why vets tell their clients about pet insurance

Each day we work with veterinary clinics across the country. That’s because our mission is the same as theirs: to save as many pets’ lives as possible. So we asked some of the vets at these clinics to tell us why they talk to their clients about pet insurance—here are their responses.

Dr. Corrina Parsons shares that, “Every puppy and kitten visit (and wellness visits later in life) includes a heart-to-heart reality check involving the cost of keeping a pet healthy as well as options to afford care. I grew up in an animal-loving family. We loved our pets but we were not wealthy. As a teenager I remember having to put our dog to sleep due to a medical condition that we couldn’t afford to treat. I take seriously my responsibility to help clients understand the current cost of pet health care.”

“Pet insurance is essential nowadays. It is something that gives peace of mind to clients when they need to treat their pets without thinking of the cost so much. Thanks to pet insurance, clients can afford the best care for their pet,” says Dr. Mariliz Hernandez.

Dr. Jess Anderson says he tells clients to “Pet insurance is affordable, and the odds are pretty good that you are going to be glad you have it. Dogs and cats live much shorter lives than people. They have to fit not only all their years of happiness into that short time, but their whole life’s worth of sickness and injury. Get pet insurance, you’ll be glad you did.”

Dr. Tina Marcotte says, “It really makes a difference when an animal is ill or injured and the level of care that can be provided.”

“Insurance options are offered to our clients from the first puppy and kitten visits as well as at all stages of our patients’ lives. We have had many clients say that having insurance made all the difference in their decisions to provide the best care possible for their pets,” states Dr. Pamela Ford.

Dr. Paul Sedlacek tells us, “I think it [pet insurance] is a great idea. There is no question that my clients who have insurance are much less stressed about the cost of veterinary care and are much quicker to pursue the best course of action for their pets.”

“I wish every client had pet insurance. It takes the financial worry out of owning a pet and helps the client make the best medical decisions for their pets,” concludes Dr. Sara Liddell.