Hail, flood and wind damage reports by state

Breaking down the data to see where and when wind storms, floods and hail occur

This summer, many will be enjoying the warm weather with BBQ’s, pool time and pitchers of ice-cold lemonade. But for parts of the country, we are also heading into the worst part of summer storm season, facing potential damage from hail, heavy rains and floods, strong winds and even tornadoes.

We took a look at 2014 Severe Weather insurance claims—from flood, wind and hail—to show you the effects of last summer, so you can be prepared this year.

The report takes a look at hail, wind and flood auto claims data.

  • The Hail Belt is the most likely to get pelted with damaging hail—from the size of a golf ball, all the way up to a grapefruit. If you live in the Hail Belt—which runs from Montana and North Dakota to Texas and New Mexico—be sure to read our tips on hail safety and protect your belongings this season.
  • 30% of wind claims for the entire year take place in June and July. With tornado season right around the corner, it’s a good reminder to have a plan, and prepare sooner rather than later.
  • Michigan, Alabama and Louisiana have the highest chance of flooding, based on 2014 data. Often times a spike in claims is related to a single storm—as was the case in Michigan in August. Flooding can be a sudden event, so remember to be extra vigilant if you’re caught driving in a severe thunderstorm.

For a more detailed breakdown of each type of extreme weather, visit the links below.