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You've Been in an Accident. Your Car's Been Totaled. Now What?

With growing number of total losses, Progressive's "Total Loss Concierge" is the only service in the industry that helps you find a replacement car — even if your totaled car is older or you want to replace it with a used car

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio — July 31, 2006 — If you get into a car crash, chances are better than ever that your vehicle will be declared a total loss � in other words, your insurance company will tell you that your car would cost more to fix than it's worth. An estimated five million vehicles, or about 20 percent of those involved in insurance claims each year, are totaled in crashes � that's a 40 percent increase over the past seven years. This means that each year, millions of people face the daunting and time-consuming task of replacing their cars following crashes.

And while some insurance companies advertise total loss replacement coverage, the coverage generally only helps you if you drive a newer car. By contrast, "Total Loss Concierge" from The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies will help find you a replacement car regardless of the age of your totaled vehicle � and even if you want a used car.

"Because new cars have a higher dollar value, it's very unlikely that following a crash they'll cost more to fix than they're worth, so a service that only replaces newer cars doesn't help a lot of drivers," said Paul Lamison, Progressive's Total Loss Concierge manager. "We designed our Total Loss Concierge program to help the people who need it the most � that is, people whose cars may be a few years old and who may want help finding replacement cars and financing."

If your car is declared a total loss, your insurance company typically writes you a check for your car's actual cash value (ACV), minus the deductible amount you selected when you bought your policy. In exchange, you sign over the car's title. After that, you're on your own � you have a check, but you don't have a car.

This can cause a couple of different problems. First, you're faced with the inconvenience of unexpectedly having to shop for another car. And second, if you're like a lot of people and are "upside-down" on your auto loan (meaning you owe more to the financing company than your car is worth), you may find yourself in the position of owing money on a vehicle you don't own anymore. This can make it more difficult to find a car comparable to the one you had with your total loss settlement amount.

Total Loss Concierge makes these problems easier to deal with by using Progressive's large network of carefully selected car dealerships and lenders to find you the car you want, at the price you want to pay. Progressive's network of lenders can even help you arrange financing if you need it. All you have to do is describe the vehicle you're looking for � you can even specify the year, make, model, price range and color � and your concierge specialist will take it from there.

"Because of the resources we've put together, there's a good chance we'll get you a better deal on both the purchase price and the financing than you'd get shopping on your own," said Lamison.

Total Loss Concierge is free and available in selected states to all Progressive Direct and Drive Insurance from Progressive auto insurance customers and anyone involved in a claim with a customer.

In addition to possibly saving money, Total Loss Concierge can also save drivers a lot of time. According to a recent countrywide survey by Progressive, the majority of people whose cars are totaled spend at least five full days trying to find a replacement car and arrange financing.

"With Total Loss Concierge, we do the leg work for you so you can spend your time the way you want to," said Lamison. "And you get the car you want at the price you want to pay, fast."

Total Loss Concierge is the latest innovation from Progressive. While this service handles vehicles that are not able to be repaired, in 2003, Progressive introduced a concierge level of service for repairable vehicles available through its now more than 40 Service Centers throughout the U.S. That service made Progressive the first insurance group in the country to take responsibility for the entire claims/repair process. Progressive Direct or Drive Insurance customers who choose to use a Service Center simply drop off their damaged cars and, in about 15 minutes, can be on their way in a rental car assured that a Progressive claims representative will handle the repair process from beginning to end. The process saves people time because they avoid driving around to different body shops getting repair estimates, arranging for alternate transportation, keeping tabs on the repair process, etc. More than 50 Service Centers will be open by the end of 2006.

Total Loss Concierge facts

It's widely available, strictly voluntary, and free
You can use Total Loss Concierge if you have a Progressive Direct or Drive Insurance from Progressive policy, or if you are involved in a claim with a Progressive Direct or Drive customer. If you choose not to use the service, you can take the cash settlement and find a replacement vehicle on your own. Either way, Progressive Claims Service will pay you your vehicle's actual cash value less any applicable deductible. And, the service is free.

There is no obligation
We're generally able to find cars our customers like within about six days, but if for any reason you don't want to buy any of the cars we find, you are under no obligation to do so. The choice is yours.

How it works
Your Total Loss Concierge specialist will ask you what kind of car you're looking for, including the year, make, model and price range. You can even specify a car color. He or she will then contact the network of car dealers that have proven track records of providing great service and good values. The dealers will find you cars that meet as many of your specifications as possible and, if needed, your specialist will put you in touch with multiple lenders to get you competitive financing rates. You can work directly with the dealers and lenders, but your concierge specialist is always available to answer any questions you may have or provide additional information.

If a dealer finds you a car you like that costs more than your actual cash value settlement, you can pay the difference, either through financing or other means. If the car you like costs less than your settlement amount, the difference is yours to keep. The total dollar amount you receive is the same regardless of whether you use the service.

Progressive's Total Loss Concierge service is currently available in 14 states. It will be available in more than 20 states by the end of August and in the majority of states by the end of the year.

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, in business since 1937, ranks third in the nation and fifth in Colorado for auto insurance based on premiums written and provides drivers with competitive rates and 24/7 in-person and online service. The products and services of the Progressive Direct Group of Insurance Companies are marketed directly to consumers by phone at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE and online at through the Progressive Direct brand. The products and services of the Drive Group of Progressive Insurance Companies are offered by more than 30,000 independent insurance agencies � including more than 750 in Colorado � and online at through the Drive Insurance from Progressive brand. More information can be found at


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