About Our P3P Privacy Policy

The Platform for Privacy Preferences Project ("P3P") is a standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium ("W3C") to provide an automated way for you to understand the use of personal information on Web sites you visit.  For more information on the W3C and P3P, visit the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Project site.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 6.0 uses P3P, and other browsers may use it soon.  To enhance your online experience, progressive.com and personal.progressive.com are now P3P enabled.  If your browser uses P3P, it will automatically detect our P3P Privacy Statements.

We have attempted to describe our privacy practices accurately using the standardized P3P specifications.  However, due to the parameters chosen by the W3C and certain limitations in the enabling technology, the P3P Privacy Statements do not describe our privacy practices as accurately as Progressive's Privacy Policy.  For example, the compact policy will indicate that we capture more data than actually occurs if you are simply visiting the site and not providing information.  Accordingly, where there are discrepancies between Progressive's Privacy Policy and the P3P Privacy Statements, Progressive's Privacy Policy will control.  We encourage you to read it by selecting your state, above.

Please note: If your browser's privacy setting is either "High" or "Block All Cookies," you may be unable to do certain online functions. We use cookies to save information entered during your online session. However, these cookies will be blocked on the High and Block All Cookies settings and the process may not function as expected. Therefore, you will need to lower your privacy setting to ensure cookies are enabled.