CEO Message

Making things better one step at a time
Glenn Renwick

Since 1937, we’ve lived up to our name by setting the bar for excellence and innovation in the insurance industry. Beyond that, we’ve worked to make things better for our customers, employees, agents, investors and communities.

This report describes how a multitude of discrete daily activities—focused in the areas of education, sustainability and community outreach—together have a big impact.

Sometimes these activities can be incremental, rigorous and go largely unnoticed. For example:

Look at previous years’ reports, and, you’ll see how we’ve been leading the industry in offering customers new ways to “go paperless.” This year’s report is no exception. In an industry known for copious documentation, we’ve been working with state insurance regulators, law enforcement, state lawmakers and industry groups to allow customers to use electronic versions of documents like insurance ID cards and policy contracts. Little-by-little, state-by-state, the vision of a truly paperless insurance experience is becoming a reality.

Since 2007, we’ve reduced our annual energy use by 33 percent. This has come during a time when energy costs have risen and our business has grown. Because each of our facilities has unique conservation opportunities, we’ve achieved this largely through a laborious test-learn-and-apply process with various engineering solutions. These solutions haven’t always been visible, but they have been effective. They’ve ranged from installing automated lighting and climate controls to supplementing our air conditioning needs with free-cooling technology.

These and the other efforts outlined in this report all align with our business vision, Core Values and operational objectives.

By doing the right thing for our stakeholders and business, we’ll continue to make things better for all.


Glenn Renwick
Chairman, President and CEO