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Buying a Bike, Boat, or RV?

Posted by Allison Ruuska on 4/23/2009 at 1:00 PM

Make ownership enjoyable with the right amount of planning.

Take a jaunt down any road on a warm spring day, and you'll likely encounter boats being towed to nearby waters, motorcycles on winding roads or RVs on the highways. Seeing them might make you want one of your own, which could be a pretty easy — and enjoyable — feat with the right amount of planning. If you remember things like insurance, accessories, and operating costs, you can enjoy your toys for many balmy seasons ahead.


Insure your investment.

Naturally, pride comes with owning a motorcycle, boat, or RV, so make sure you protect your new toy with the proper amount of insurance. Generally, the cost to insure a specialized vehicle like these is lower than you'd expect. In fact, Progressive offers motorcycle insurance policies starting at a reasonable $100 a year, so do a bit of research before assuming it's too costly.

Before you even buy, you can see how much you'd pay to insure your new vehicle, and you can even get a hypothetical quote before ever setting foot in a dealership. You may even be able to research insurance at the dealership, as many of them have insurance agencies inside for your convenience.

Personalize with accessories.

Once you've bought your boat, bike or motor home, it's time to accessorize it. Some of them may be necessary, such as a motorcycle helmet or lifejackets, but you can still add your own flair by selecting colors and designs that reflect your personality. Or, you can really make it your own with custom-designed accessories that could include anything from a paint job to a decked-out RV interior.

Plus, if you have Comprehensive or Collision coverage on a Progressive policy, we'll cover your accessories at no extra cost, up to a specified amount. For instance, we provide up to $3,000 in custom accessory coverage on most motorcycle policies with Comprehensive or Collision coverage. Not a bad deal for the sake of safety, right?

Don't forget operating costs!

Once you have the keys to your new toy in hand, you'll need to purchase fuel, perform regular maintenance, and properly store or park it when it's not in use. Operating costs, such as campground fees for RVs and marina storage for boats, are an expected expense when you invest in recreational-use vehicles, so make sure you have a good idea of what they can run both in season and out of season.

Owning a boat, motorcycle, or RV lets you enjoy your surroundings in a different way. Once you've crossed your Ts and prepared for long-term ownership, strap on your helmet (or life jacket or seatbelt) and enjoy the ride!

The information in this blog may vary based on your particular state or situation. Always refer to your insurance policy for your specific coverages.

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