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Snag a Flo from Progressive costume

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Your DIY guide to looking like a brand icon.

Impress family, friends, and neighbors as America’s favorite insurance spokesperson for a day. If you want to DIY your own Flo costume, all you need is a white apron, blue headband, button, and nametag. You can iron on letters that spell Progressive or download the logo here. For extra Flo-manship, add red lipstick, white pants, and blue sneakers.

Of course, if you’d rather buy the Progressive Flo costume instead, that’s great too. Remember, aggressive kindness is not included.

Let’s break down the Progressive Flo costume

The making of this brand icon has certain essential elements:

  • The blue headband, which is stylish and functional in keeping Flo’s look pulled together.
  • The cheery, red lipstick, which magnifies Flo’s charming smile.
  • The “I ❤ insurance” button tells the world everything they need to know about her.
  • The white apron with the Progressive logo reminds everyone that Flo is here to work at saving you money on car insurance.
  • The white pants and blue sneakers complete the clean, no-nonsense look that Flo is known and loved for.
  • By now, the “Flo” name tag is almost redundant because, seriously, who doesn’t already know who Flo is?

If you can’t seem to get your fill of seeing Flo in action, you can watch Progressive’s Superstore commercials for more shenanigans. Plus, study up on another iconic Progressive character in Dr. Rick’s commercials.

Check out Flo below to match her look, piece by piece. Good luck!

For bonus points, specialty makeup artist Kandee Johnson will walk you through every step, from winged eyeliner to flippy hair, in this full Flo tutorial.

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