how to check fluids

Checking oil, brake and power steering fluids

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When it comes to checking your car’s oil, brake and power steering fluids, take a dip (or a look). See what we mean with this short video.

As always, before you check any of the fluids underneath your vehicle’s hood, make sure the engine is cool.

When checking oil, brake or steering fluid levels, you’ll either need to use that container’s dipstick or simply visually inspect the level through the container’s translucent plastic.

With a dipstick, just remove from the fluid’s reservoir, wipe clean, reinsert and remove again. The fluid level should fall between the “min” and “max” markings.

If the fluid resides in a translucent plastic container, you’ll be able to see where the darker fluid level falls in relation to the “min” and “max” markings molded on the outside of the container.


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