Engagement ring trends that may inspire your own

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If you’re considering dropping to one knee soon or suspect your significant other is planning a proposal, it might be time to select the perfect ring that represents your own special love story. While engagement ring trends move a little more slowly than other fashion styles, there are plenty of options, whether you’re looking for a traditional solitaire, a custom look, or something more edgy. You can find a ring that will fit any budget and, more importantly, any personality.

Colored gemstones

This trend has gotten stronger in recent years, and experts predict this look will stay for quite some time. A colored gem can be either a center stone or even an accent. The most popular so far has been sapphire, emerald, and ruby, but others are gaining traction, including morganite, aquamarine, tanzanite, and amethyst. Any one of these options will yield a unique gemstone engagement ring.

Vintage-inspired rings

One of the most popular vintage looks to emulate in your engagement ring is Art-Deco. Any old-meets-new ring is becoming a hot trend. Some couples are bringing an heirloom stone to their jeweler and having it reimagined into something unique for them.

A two-stoned stunner

Any type of engagement ring with two stones is double the fun. A pop princess celebrated with a pearl and diamond beauty and sparklers that combine two different cuts in one ring, like a pear stone beside an emerald cut, are stunning. A ring with two stones can be a striking look to represent starting your new life together.

Yellow gold bands

This sunshine hue is the “gold” standard of engagement ring band styles and doesn’t seem to be fading anytime fast. The contrast of the yellow and the white diamond really makes the stone pop. The metal is also highly durable and long-lasting, which is perfect for a jewel meant to last a lifetime.

Bold, chunky bands

Chunky and bold styles are having a moment and are a growing trend for engagement rings. Brides are looking for cigar bands to add to their bridal set or any other metal-heavy setting for their diamond.

Once you have chosen the perfect ring and planned the proposal, don’t forget the most important part of the purchasing process. Make sure your bauble is completely protected with jewelry insurance. An engagement ring is one treasure you don’t want to risk losing or damaging.

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