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6 ways to save on your wedding stationery

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Weddings can be pricey affairs, but they don’t have to be. There are many ways to save money on various aspects of your wedding day without your guests noticing. One of the easiest areas to fake a luxe look for less? Your wedding stationery. A cohesive suite of paper goods from your save the dates through your thank you cards can create a custom feel for a low cost.

Your wedding paper doesn’t have to be expensive to look luxurious, and you don’t have to be a professional designer to create something yourself. Even for the non-crafty couples among us, there are options to create your invitations on the cheap without sacrificing style. Want to know how? Check out these six sneaky ways to save on your wedding stationery.

1. DIY your invitations

If you’re up to the challenge, try your hand at designing and creating your paper goods yourselves. Even if you have no design experience whatsoever, there are resources and tutorials that will help you pull it off if you’re willing to spend the time. Check out sites like Canva which have free design tools and templates you can customize. With Canva you can even print right from their website. Your guests will be none-the-wiser!

2. Go the semi-DIY route

Choose a simple invitation design that you can embellish with a little DIY! From adding jewels to colored belly bands, or creating custom envelope liners, there are so many ways you can fancy up a classic, minimal invitation design to make it feel truly custom! Don’t be scared to get a little crafty and add some pizazz to your paper.

3. Download a template

Peruse sites like Etsy for downloadable, editable templates that you can easily customize for your own wedding. This option is considerably cheaper than going with a full-service designer. You may even be able to find a free printable wedding invitation template online that you love! Just add your wedding details, print, and assemble. You can save additional money by printing the paper goods at home.

4. Skip fancy printing techniques

Letterpress and engraved printing can give a luxurious feel to your wedding day stationery, but if your budget is tight it’s best to avoid these techniques. Flat, digital printing is typically the most cost-effective option, and you can save even more if you choose a black-and-white design over one that is full-color.

5. Reduce enclosures

A typical wedding suite usually consists of the invitation, RSVP card, and accommodations or direction card. Sometimes couples include additional cards with information for their guests. Save yourself some cash by consolidating as much as possible. Consider sending a single piece invitation, just be sure to include a link to your wedding website where your guests can find additional information as well as submit their RSVP. As an added savings, you can skip the extra stamp for that pesky RSVP card envelope.

6. Choose an all-in-one design

If you want to delight your guests with a gorgeous printed design that includes all the important information, consider sending an all-in-one invitation. These uniquely designed paper goods eliminate the need for an envelope and contain a tear-off RSVP postcard. They not only maximize the paper they are printed on, they also minimize your cost!

No matter your skill level or time availability, there’s an option for you to reduce the cost of your wedding paper goods in a way that your guests will never notice. Choose the option that works best for you and get yourself some stylish stationery the savvy way!

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