How to keep mice out of campers and RVs

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When you are in your RV on the road to your next adventure, you don’t want to find that you’ve got uninvited guests, especially when those uninvited guests are mice. Unfortunately, we have hard-won experience getting rid of these critters. Thankfully, we can share the best ways to keep mice out of your camper or motorhome.

Tips for keeping mice out of RVs

1. Mousetraps

If you buy a used RV and it already has mice in it, using mousetraps can be a great approach to getting them out. However, we recommend taking preventative measures to keep them out in the first place. Mice are known to chew through wires, so you want to catch them before they destroy something critical that would be costly to replace.

Your first step is to get them out of your RV. You can start with standard mousetraps. There are many types of traps, some more humane than others, so as you conduct research, try to find the ones that make you the most comfortable. After you place traps throughout the RV, you might capture one mouse daily. Traps are effective at capturing mice, but you want to prevent them from getting in.

2. Steel wool

To keep mice out of your RV, use steel wool to seal any openings mice can enter through. The general understanding with steel wool is that the mice do not chew through it because it doesn’t feel great on their teeth. Instead of chewing their way through the steel wool, they will look for an easier opening. You can permanently seal any openings you can find, which will prevent the mice from getting into the RV.

3. Sealing off entrances

It can be challenging to find all the openings your RV may have. If you miss one, the mice will find their way in. If you’re ready to scour for all the openings and close them up, this would be an effective approach to preventing mice from getting into your RV. Another alternative method to keep mice out of your RV is using dryer sheets and Irish Spring bar soap. Many people swear it’s the best way to keep mice away.

When you place the steel wool, you can also place dryer sheets and Irish Spring bar soap into the openings you find. Again, these methods are only effective when you can find and seal all the openings mice can use. Learn how to prepare your RV for winter storage.

4. Electronic deterrents

Electronic deterrent devices are also good for keeping mice out of your RV. Many use this method to keep mice away, but make sure the devices you buy are safe for pets. A bonus to this approach is that many deterrent devices will also work to keep bugs away.

5. Fresh Cab

Fresh Cab is an all-natural, botanical rodent repellent that uses essential oils and plant fiber ingredients. Because of the ingredients used, Fresh Cab is safe for both humans and pets, which is a major plus when you’re looking into ways to keep mice out of your RV.

6. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil has had great results in keeping mice out of our RV. You soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them around the RV in places where the mice might go. Peppermint oil, products such as Fresh Cab, and steel wool in the small openings are all effective ways to keep mice out of your RV.

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