RV Insurance

Join the #1 specialty RV insurance company starting at just $125 per year*

Get a customized RV quote for your motorhome or travel trailer

It doesn't matter if you use your RV recreationally or as a full-time residence—the best RV insurance covers your unique needs. Just start an RV insurance quote online, and we'll help you build a custom policy that protects you and your motorhome or travel trailer in almost any situation. Quoting RV insurance with us takes as little as three minutes—get started now and hit the road with confidence.

Save big with one of the best RV insurance companies

Our RV insurance quotes can include multiple discounts, and annual policies start as low as $125.* See what discounts you'll earn when you quote RV insurance online or over the phone.

Here is a sampling of the discounts you might qualify for:


Do you have a home, renters, condo, auto, boat or motorcycle policy with us? If so, you'll get a discount when you add RV insurance.

Original owner

If you're the original owner of your motorhome or travel trailer, regardless of the age of the vehicle, we'll add on a discount.

Responsible driver

Be rewarded for your safe driving. You'll earn a discount if you've driven ticket- and accident-free for the past three years.

Advanced quote

Purchase your RV insurance policy at least one day prior to your start date, you'll enjoy a discount. The more days in advance, the greater the savings!

Insurance for however you use your RV

Progressive's RV policies will cover you and your vehicle for recreational use—out on the road, at a campsite/park, or vacationing. And if you live in your motorhome or travel trailer, our full-time RV insurance package includes coverages similar to what you'd find on a homeowners policy, like personal liability and loss assessment.

Total loss replacement

We'll replace your totaled travel trailer or motorhome with a brand new one, minus your deductible. For example, the RV you purchased two years ago may have depreciated in value. However, Progressive guarantees the same model year or later which means we will replace your RV even if it costs more than the original vehicle's purchase price.

Please note that total loss replacement only applies to RVs five model years old or less. If your RV is older, you'll receive the amount specified in your policy.

Replacement cost/personal effects

Protect personal property inside your motorhome or travel trailer up to the limits you specify.

Emergency expense

We'll pay you up to $750 (you can upgrade to $2,000) for transportation and lodging expenses if you're on vacation and your RV is disabled more than 50 miles away from your residence.

Types of RVs we insure

From state-of-the-art class A motorhomes to pop-up campers, we take pride in insuring all types of RVs—including travel and utility trailers. Check out the common types of RVs we insure:


  • Class A
  • Class B (camper vans)
  • Class C (mini-motorhomes)

Travel trailers, campers, & more:

  • Conventional trailer
  • Fifth-wheel trailer
  • Pop-up tent trailer
  • Mounted truck camper
  • Cargo & horse trailer
  • Utility trailer