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Learn how The Progressive Art Collection began

When Peter Lewis unveiled the new Progressive corporate headquarters in 1974, he envisioned a unique, modern space that reflected the creative and innovative culture of the company. To achieve that vision, he purchased a few pieces of original, contemporary art to display throughout the building. He saw this not only as a way to energize the workspace, but also as an opportunity to provoke passionate discussion—and to foster a culture of Risk, Learn, Grow.

As the company grew in scale, so did the collection. From Peter’s original “works-on-paper” collection of 30 photographs, prints, and drawings, we’ve flourished over the decades, into a world-class collection of more than 10,000 contemporary artworks, including sculptures, paintings, photography, and new media. As diverse as it is vast, the collection features more than 2,000 contemporary artists from 70 different countries. We don’t hold any artworks back for permanent storage. We install all artworks where our people are, in offices throughout the country, and offer in-person and virtual education opportunities for every Progressive person, regardless of location.

Each year, thousands of our employees, their friends and families, and the public engage with the collection through tours, seminars, artist talks, exhibitions, and team activities.

Our Collection

A world-class contemporary art collection that provokes people to dialogue and debate

Mohau Modisakeng / Passage

Recent acquisitions

Each year we acquire approximately 200 artworks. We seek diverse artists who reflect our people, and art that provokes our people to dialogue and debate. Our collection can be described as compelling, visually unforgettable, innovative, rich in content, and critically representative of the times in which we live.

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Gregory Crewdson / Untitled (Woman in Flowers)

Collection highlights

We’ve built a world-class contemporary art collection with a wide array of wonderful highlights. Sometimes bold and beautiful, sometimes subtle and profound—and always reflecting our culture of change—art at Progressive changes you whether you know it or not.

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Petah Coyne / Untitled #788, #790, #796, #799, #800, #804


We’ve commissioned several artists to create large-scale, site-specific artworks for our regional contact centers across the country. Often the most memorable takeaways from a site visit, these massive artworks proactively awaken our shared spaces.

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Art Education

Intelligent and innovative art programs to encourage and facilitate critical communication

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See how artists have interpreted our annual report theme over the years

2019 Annual Report: For this year’s annual report, we chose “think broadly” as the theme and selected the work of 30 multicultural artists from Progressive’s expanding collection of contemporary art. This diverse set of artists reflects our versatility as an organization as well as our willingness to step back and assess the many potential ways with which to grow.

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