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    Consolidate debt, make a large purchase, and more with a personal loan

    Paying off credit cards? Planning a wedding? Perhaps a big home renovation? Borrowers can get the funds they need quickly, easily, and securely with a personal loan through Upstart. Take control of your finances and find out how Upstart goes beyond your credit score to arrange a fixed-payment installment loan with no prepayment penalty.

    What can personal loans through Upstart be used for?

    • Debt consolidation: Are you juggling multiple credit cards with high interest? Consolidate into one payment with a fixed-rate loan.
    • Special purchases: Use a personal loan to finance a new car, wedding, vacation, piece of art/jewelry, etc.
    • Personal expenses: Secure funds for a move, medical procedure, tax penalty, funeral arrangements, etc.

    Benefits of a personal loan through Upstart

    All debt consolidation loans are not created equal. Upstart is a trusted name in consumer lending, helping borrowers obtain the funds they need swiftly, and without collateral. Plus, checking your rate for an Upstart loan won’t affect your credit score, as it results in a soft-inquiry only. That means Upstart will view your credit report, but your score will not be affected (if you choose to accept the loan offer, Upstart will complete a hard credit inquiry which may impact your score).

    Here’s how an Upstart personal loan can make a difference:

    • Access to credit at smarter rates: Upstart believes your job history and earning potential should also help determine your approval and APR—not just your FICO score.
    • Fast funding: 99% of funds are sent just 1 business day after signing and accepting their loan terms.††
    • Superior service: Available to assist you seven days a week, Upstart is top-rated on Trustpilot in its category with over 96% excellent ratings.§
    • Customize your loan: Upstart gives you the flexibility to choose a loan term and amount that fits your budget. And, with no pre-payment penalty, you can pay off your loan at any time.

    How to get a personal loan

    Applying for a personal loan online through Upstart is simple:

    1. Fill out a form online: You’ll indicate how much you’d like to borrow and answer a few questions about yourself, including your employment and education.
    2. Check your rate in five minutes: See your loan’s anticipated APR. Checking your rate will not affect your credit score.
    3. Choose your loan amount: View available loan offers from $1,000 to $50,000.*
    4. Accept your terms and receive your money: Typically, you can have funds as fast as one business day.††

    Find out your rate in minutes!

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