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At Progressive, you get more. It’s that simple. More protection for you and your motorcycle. More ways to save. More types of motorcycles insured. And most importantly, more love for your bike. So go ahead, get a motorcycle insurance quote online now and ride with the best motorcycle insurance company.

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It’s almost safe to assume that we’ll cover it. Ride with us and you’ll enjoy more unique motorcycle insurance coverages.

Full replacement cost and no depreciation for parts

We will always return your bike to pre-accident condition or better. Let’s say that your five-year old front fender gets damaged. It’s used and technically only worth $50, but you need a new one that costs $150. We pay the full $150 and not the depreciated value. That’s a real $100 difference.

Total loss coverage for a brand new bike

You can add this coverage if your bike is no more than one model year old. If it’s totaled within 3 model years, we’ll give you the full amount for a brand new one. Let’s say you bought a bike for $15,000 that’s now only worth $10,000. If it’s totaled, it’s going to cost $15,000+ for a new one. So, we’ll give you the full $15,000+ for the new model. That’s a $5,000 difference. If your bike is totaled when it’s outside the three-model year window, you’ll still get the actual cash value for what it’s currently worth.

Coverage for gear and personal belongings

You can add coverage for just about all of the personal property you carry on your motorcycle if it’s damaged or stolen. This includes camping gear, safety gear and even your phones.

Save when you start & when you need us

You can get motorcycle insurance starting at just $75 a year.* And we’ll kick in plenty of extra discounts (automatically applied during your motorcycle insurance quote). Plus, we’ll cover and pay for more if you do ever have a claim. That means you can pay less now to start and during a claim.

Ways to Save

Here’s just a few. See all our motorcycle insurance discounts.


You could save 5% extra if you have (or get) another Progressive policy. It could be for anything: a car, second motorcycle, ATV, etc.

Pay On Time

The easiest possible way to save. Just pay your premium on time for a full year, and we’ll pay you back with a discount at renewal.


Got a home, mobile home or condominium you own? Fantastic! You got another discount, even if it’s not insured by us.

If your bike is legal, we’ll likely insure it

If it’s cool enough for you to ride, it’s cool enough for us to insure. We offer bike insurance, trike insurance, custom motorcycle insurance and much, much more. See all the different types of motorcycles and bikes we insure.

We insure 99% of all motorcycles

Ride what you want, how you want and we’ll protect it.

Something completely unique?

Don’t see your bike listed in our motorcycle insurance quote? Just give us a call and we’ll try to figure it out.