The Name Your Price® Tool

Tell us what you want to pay, then see coverage options

Part magic. Part smart shopping. Only from Progressive.

Just get an auto insurance quote, use the Name Your Price Tool and POOF! We'll show you a range of car insurance coverage options. Forget hunting discounts, calculating rates or tinkering with coverages. Instead, use the Name Your Price Tool and jump straight to the rate you want.

Trying the Name Your Price Tool is one of the many ways you can save at Progressive. Check out more car insurance discounts.

How the Name Your Price Tool works in three simple steps

First, get a quote

We'll need some basic info about you and your vehicle to determine the lowest and highest possible prices you could get from us.

Use the Name Your Price Tool

After you answer all the questions for your quote, you'll see a Name Your Price callout on the page that shows your rate. Then just give it a try!

See coverage options & buy

We'll then show your coverage options. No worries, you can always adjust your coverages to get your perfect policy and still save tons of cash.