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Catch the latest from your favorite Progressive characters, including insurance commercials from Flo and the squad, Dr. Rick, and TV Dad.

Progressive TV commercials and more

Dr. Rick at his desk

Dr. Rick

Notice yourself turning into your parents lately? For a limited time, you can get Dr. Rick Will See You Now, the essential guide to un-becoming your parents. It's the best — and only — book about Parentamorphosis.

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Two people next to a car with a kayak on the roof


Everybody wishes they could throw the challenge flag now and then. But what if life came with NFL officials to help review key moments? Watch the action unfold when people get a chance to go to the replay.

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Flo and the Squad

Flo and the squad

From Flo's always upbeat insurance tips to Jamie's antics, your favorite insurance superstore is full of surprises. Catch Flo and Progressive's friendly squad members in action as they help customers save on insurance.

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New Progressive commercials

Watch some of our recent commercials and see even more on the Progressive YouTube channel.

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