Phone & Device Insurance

Two-year plans for phones, laptops, etc. for less than $190*

Simply put: this covers things warranties do not

Electronic device insurance covers theft, drops, oopsies & uh-ohs

Some new smartphones now cost up to almost $1,000. (Obligatory pause to catch your breath.)

There's a good chance that you have (or know someone who has) dropped and broken a phone. In those cases, the manufacturer might say that “butter fingers” and accidental drops aren’t covered under the standard warranty. Often, the “standard warranty” is included when you buy your new phone or other electronic device, but only covers manufacturer defects (meaning damages they, not you, are responsible for).

That’s where a phone insurance plan (also called electronic device insurance) protects you. It covers cracked screens, liquid damage, theft and, yes, your butter-finger-aided drops. And, if you buy through Progressive, you’ll get an extra 5% discount.

Progressive® Phone & Electronic Device is provided by Worth Ave. Group.

Pay as low as $163 for iPhone insurance instead of up to nearly $1,000 for a new iPhone

That’s what it all boils down to if you have an iPhone: your two-year $163 premium + $25-$50 deductible vs. up to almost $1,000 (depending on make and model) for a new iPhone. Easy math, right?

Compare iPhone insurance**

One-year protection plans are available.

Insurance or warranty Insurance Warranty Warranty Warranty Warranty
Accidental drops
Liquid damage from spills and submersions
Power surge from lightning
Covers damage to screen, camera, buttons, headphone jack, etc.
Covers used/refurbished iPhones
Unlimited claims
Coverage starts instantly
Purchase coverage anytime
Policy length Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years
Deductible (portion you pay for claims) $50 $29 — $99 $149.99 — $249.99 $99 $199
Price $163 $129 $263.76 $149 $264

Plan comparison based on Two-Year Full Coverage Insurance protection plan and minimum deductible available of $50. The device used in this comparison has a retail value of up to $649. Prices and terms are effective as of 1/30/2017 and may change at any time. This website does not provide detailed information regarding, or interpretation of, specific insurance contracts, policies, warranties and other protection plans. The applicable contract, policy, warranty or plan, and not this website, will govern claims handling, settlement, and the terms of coverage. For complete coverage information, please refer to the applicable specific document in its entirety, including all applicable endorsements. Different plans & options, deductibles, and prices may be available from the providers discussed above.

So much more than cell phone insurance

You can insure almost anything you need. See more comparison charts.

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops and computers
  • iPads, tablets, and e-Readers
  • iPods and other MP3 players
  • Gaming systems
  • Cameras

Devices repaired before you can even say "uh-oh"

If your mobile phone or electronic device is damaged, your covered repairs will be taken care of for you. Just submit a claim, and your claims representative will either direct you to a nearby repair shop or have you mail the device in—then, your device will be sent to a nearby repair shop.

Free overnight shipping & handling

Once repairs are complete, your device will be shipped overnight back to you. And yes, all repairs are guaranteed and shipping & handling costs are 100 % covered.

Also, if your device can’t be repaired from a covered loss, you’ll get reimbursed for what it’s currently worth.