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    Get the right car insurance before your trip to Mexico

    Make sure you have auto insurance that works in Mexico before your next road trip. Various Mexico insurance laws require you to purchase liability insurance from an insurer that's licensed to provide coverage in Mexico — which means your regular auto insurance most likely won't cover you.

    Fortunately, you can drive protected with Progressive® Mexican Auto Insurance by MexPro. You can easily choose a level of coverage that fits your needs, whether you're taking a day trip or an extended vacation over the border. Simply quote auto insurance for Mexico online to get started.

    Create a Mexico car insurance policy that fits your travel plans

    MexPro offers car insurance for driving in Mexico that also tailors to your travel plans. You can select from three different coverage levels and keep them for as long as you need — from one day to one year.

    Basic Coverage

    This coverage level includes liability, travel assistance, medical payments, and legal assistance. Basic coverage may be for you if you're just visiting for a day, or if you're driving an older car. Please note that only liability coverage is offered for vehicles over 20 years old.

    Standard Coverage

    A Standard plan offers Basic coverage as well as collision and theft. If you're taking a longer trip down in a newer car, Extended coverage might be a better fit for your plans.

    Extended Coverage

    The Extended option includes Basic and Standard coverage along with vandalism, partial theft, United States repair, and fixed deductibles. Extended coverage is a great option for months-long trips or if you plan on visiting Mexico several times a year.

    All policies include roadside assistance to provide an extra level of assurance while driving in Mexico.

    You can get Mexico insurance for your RV or motorcycle too

    Taking the family down to Sonora in your motorhome? Or maybe you're embarking on a months-long motorcycle tour of the Baja Peninsula? Whatever your plans are, MexPro can make sure your RV or motorcycle are insured while you're in Mexico. All you have to do is get a quote for Mexico vehicle insurance online and you'll be covered in just a few minutes.

    How Mexico vehicle insurance works

    If the unexpected happens when you're in Mexico, don't worry. MexPro will be there to help you throughout the entire claims process.

    Simply remain at the scene until the authorities arrive and call the toll-free number on your policy as soon as possible. An adjustor will be dispatched to help you file the claims report.

    Requirements for driving into Mexico

    Before you cross the border, you will need a few documents to prove that you own your car and have permission to travel through Mexico with it. Make sure you bring all the following with you:

    • Proof of car ownership: A copy of your vehicle's title or vehicle registration should work.
    • Your driver's license: Your U.S. driver's license will be accepted and is also required to purchase Mexico auto insurance.
    • Lienholder/leasing documentation: If you're financing your car, you'll need an affidavit from your lienholder permitting you to import it. If you're leasing your car, you'll just need a copy of your contract.
    • Liability insurance: Basic liability coverage is required for all tourists driving into Mexico — get a quote now and cross this one off your checklist today.

    Have more questions about traveling with Mexico car insurance? Our International Car Insurance guide has the Answers you're looking for.

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