Customized Motorcycle Insurance

We cover $3,000 of customizations at no cost with physical damage coverage

We know as well as anyone that your bike is an extension of your personality. That’s why you customize it yourself or buy an already-customized motorcycle. Either way, we’ll insure any customizations on your bike up to $3,000 at no extra cost if you purchase comprehensive and collision (also called physical damage coverage). It’s basically like $3,000 in free insurance money.

Plus if you get a motorcycle insurance policy today and then customize your bike later on, your customizations are still covered. In fact, they’re covered as soon as you complete them. Just keep receipts of your customizations so we know what they’re really worth.

Details on customized coverage: you can add up to $30,000

We call our customized insurance coverage accessory coverage. In most states, at least $3,000 of free accessory coverage is included with comprehensive and collision coverage on motorcycles less than 25 years old. Only detail is that your bike must be listed with resale values in the NADA Appraisal Guide. If you need more coverage, you can purchase an additional $27,000 for a total of $30,000.

This coverage applies to most bike manufacturers, including Honda, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, Suzuki, Aprilia, Polaris, etc.

How we pay for your customized damages

One of the best details of our accessory coverage is that we never depreciate any of your customized parts. So, let's say that you added custom saddlebags five years ago for $500. If those saddlebags are now only worth $250 and are damaged in a covered loss, we'll pay the full $500 that you originally paid. If you have a total loss, we'll pay out the actual cash value of what your motorcycle is worth + the amount of accessories you have on your bike up to your coverage limit. So if your bike is worth $12,000, and you have $500 of accessories/custom parts—we'll give you $12,500 total (minus your deductible).

Plus, your customized motorcycle is still eligible for many of our traditional motorcycle insurance coverages. See more on all of our motorcycle insurance coverages.

Customized vs. custom motorcycles

We offer all of our insurance coverages (including accessory coverage) for just about any motorcycle that’s listed in the NADA Appraisal Guide. This includes bikes that have been customized by you or a shop or pre-built customized bikes. However, we only offer liability insurance for custom motorcycles that are built from a kit or individual parts. Typically, these motorcycles are not listed in NADA. These include the following:

  • Kit/homemade, non-factory built or composite
  • State-assigned VIN
  • Rebuilt or retitles
  • Original frame has been replaced
  • Manufacturer not listed in NADA Appraisal Guide