Do you need RV insurance?

If you drive a motorhome, RV liability coverage is required by law in nearly every state, just like auto insurance. If you're towing a travel trailer, the liability coverage on your tow vehicle extends to your travel trailer. While insurance for your travel trailer is optional in all states, lenders typically require comprehensive and collision coverage if you finance your trailer or motorhome. However, regardless of the requirements, RVs, especially luxurious motorhomes and travel trailers, are often significant investments that may warrant the protection offered by RV insurance policies.

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Motorhome insurance requirements

Nearly every state requires RV liability coverage before you can get behind the wheel of your motorhome. Minimum requirements for RV liability coverage will vary by state, but ensure your limits are high enough to protect your net worth. For example, if you have assets totaling $200,000, you need at least this much in liability coverage in case you're liable for injuries or damages while driving your motorhome.

Minimum liability limits for driving a motorhome by state:

The following chart represents three numbers that indicate the minimum limits for bodily injury liability and property damage liability as of January 2024. For example, if the amount of liability coverage required for RV insurance in your state has a minimum limit of 25/50/10, you need at least $25,000 per person for bodily injury, $50,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $10,000 per accident for property damage.

Choose your state from the list to see the minimum liability requirements for motorhomes:

Minimum liability requirementsLimit per person/Total bodily injury/Property damage
Minimum liability requirementsLimit per person/Total bodily injury/Property damage

Even if your motorhome is paid in full and coverages besides liability are optional, your motorhome is often one of your most valuable assets and deserves to be protected. You may have significantly upgraded your motorhome or have expensive personal items inside your RV that you can safeguard with RV insurance. Additionally, an RV policy can cover you if you're liable for injuries or damages while you're on vacation and your motorhome is parked. Learn more about how RV insurance works.

Do you have to have insurance on a travel trailer?

There are no travel trailer insurance requirements for any state, but auto liability coverage is required in nearly every state for the vehicle used to tow your trailer. If you make payments on your travel trailer, regardless of whether you lease or buy, your lender will typically require a travel trailer insurance policy.

Since liability coverage is not an option for travel trailer insurance, your travel trailer policy will consist of coverages for physical damage and other RV insurance coverages you choose to add. Comprehensive coverage is included for all travel trailer policies, while collision may be optional if your trailer is paid in full.

What if your motorhome or travel trailer is your permanent residence?

If you live in your RV full-time, you can purchase full-time RV insurance — a policy consisting of coverages offering broader protection for when your RV is parked. Full-time RV insurance is never mandatory but may be valuable if your RV is your permanent residence. For instance, full-timer’s liability coverage can cover you, up to a specified limit, if you're responsible for injuries in or near your RV, and loss assessment coverage may pay for fees charged by your RV association for damage to shared areas.

Learn more about what RV insurance covers.

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